Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starbucks said k thx bye

There was no room at the Starbucks today. Made me sad. Made me really really really really miss Perfect Pot in Portland. Made me miss Portland and its plethora of welcoming coffee shops with their square tables and bottomless cups of coffee and vegan muffins and room to write without people glaring at you because you have been sitting beside the ONE of TWO flipping outlets in the whole entire enormous coffeeshop.

Pls 'splain to me: why offer free wifi and no electricity?

So today, between a full Starbucks and a closed Starbucks, I ended up at Paneras. I had to sit at a table w/ no outlet, but it didna matter. Cos I wrote. 726 new and 1679 revised. Woohoo. I think I even have a solid scene and know where I am going forward and backwards. Psych. Might get this puppy finished any ol way!

OK. Maybe this is not a terrifically rounded post, but hell, I wrote. And wore work clothes. And ate a salad. (and a scone and a bagel). I also read. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. But I mostly stayed offline. And I wrote. A lot. So, yea me!! I almost felt like I was working! Like I deserved to breathe. Like I had a purpose.

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